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I'm Stu Feldman,

Since January of 2010 we have been providing affordable technical help when your kids can't, or won't! We pride ourselves by having the skill and patience to deal with people of 'our generation' that did not grow up with computers. We have over 25 years of experience in Desktop/Laptop Repair, Networking, Remote and @Site user support.

12 months of Office 365 for the price of 10

Office 365 Home  $99.99 per year  $9.99 per month Office 365 Personal $69.99 per year $6.99 per month  

Norton WiFi Protection

tecHHoma Gift Certificates

We all know someone who needs some help with their computer. They forget to call, or don’t have the time. One way to remind them to get help is to give them a gift certificate. A unique gift for any holiday or occasion.   Certificates start for as little as $5.00